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Anesthesia for Dental procedures

STAT Anesthesia Specialists, P.C. provides licensed anesthetists dedicated to the specialty of office based anesthesia care. Keeping you safe and comfortable during your procedure is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Type of Anesthesia

We primarily utilize I.V. Sedation (also known as Twilight Anesthesia). During I.V. Sedation you are kept sedated throughout the procedure. When it is over, typically you are easily awakened for a speedy discharge to recover in the comfort of your home. This is known as Fast-Track Anesthesia, a cost effective alternative to the hospital.

Concerning Costs

Outpatient based procedures or surgery is a popular choice because it is extremely cost-effective and convenient for both you and our doctor. STAT accepts and/or works with most insurance companies and Medicare.

Website link: www.statanesthesia.com